Friday, May 09, 2008

Carlisle invoice features 2 tickets to Vegas - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Carlisle invoice features 2 tickets to Vegas - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "'I can't believe she did this,' Shields said of Carlisle. 'You shouldn't be using public funds to front your personal trip.'"
I can't believe Sheilds didn't have the oversight in place to know nor prevent this. And, I can't believe that he can't believe it.

What Carlisle did is much like what Shields, Burgess, Kraus and Burgess are doing now with the $11,000 expense for their private attorneys. And, the original ask was for $80,000.

No credit card was used. But, spending was done without authorization and without oversight from those who should know much better and are the one's who NEEDED to give authorization.

In another thread on another blog, it was mentioned by a new resident to Pittsburgh that Doug Shields should 'run for mayor' and I gave some history. History like this -- no oversight -- that should disqualify Shields from being mayor.

City council is crooked thanks to the acts of Carlisle and her peers who let her get away with these acts and never said a peep.

(my post in that thread)

Doug Shields is the president of city council. He is the leader. He is the #2 guy in Pittsburgh now.

Yes, he knows his stuff. He knows how to organize a slush fund. He knows what union guys to stroke. He knows were the dead bodies are along the road of tears -- err -- the Mon Fayette Toll Road and Hazelwood.

Doug Shields is a typical politician who was able to ride with the waves of the career of Bob O'Connor.

Shields has not run for mayor. He did run for controller last year and got beat by Michael Lamb in a buzzed field. Shields didn't do much to stand out there nor propose solutions for Pittsburgh. But, it was hard to rise above the din made by Luke Ravestahl running against nobody in the mayor's race at the same time.

Shields is an adult.

Shields helped to drive the city onto the rocks in the past. He is a big part of the HARD WORKING COUNCIL. Shields is a veteran of Grant Street that will grow government when given the chance.

Welcome to Pittsburgh! I hope you get out of the house more in the weeks to come this summer.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: Shields has found fraud in the budget. Any private citizen can find the same fraud. The standard answer from the Shields crowd is if we want lower taxes, show him where to cut. Numerous citizens have done exactly that. And Shields does not even acknowledge the free help. Now he finds the fraud? Shields is as much a part of the problem as Carlisle.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your comments. Doug Shields is the best one to run for Mayor. He nominated Luke Ravenstahl for president of city council. To show his appreciation Luke tried to have Motznik nominated for council president this year. Shields is the most knowledgeable one on city council.Shields has been around for over 12 years. He knows the ins and outs of the city of Pittsburgh better than any one.
Who are these numerous people that showed him where to cut? What would you like to cut? How about Police, Fire, medics or garbage? How about reducing the number of miles of streets that get paved? How about reducing the number of street lights? How about eliminating the School Crossing guards? Suggestions any one?
Just remember Carlise was almost nominated as council president when Ravenstahl got the nomination. Just think about how much she could have given her self and her friends. As council president she would now be our Mayor instead of Luke.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Q: Where to cut?
It would have been prudent to cut Twanda's credit cards. Doug was President of Council and didn't offer oversight.

That is but an example of how the city is out of control and he is at the helm.

Cut the paying of private attorney bills for matters that were NOT sanctioned by city council. That's the $11,000. And, Doug started that discussion with an $80,000 ask.

Cut city council staff too, as it was suggested recently, again, on the radio.

He does know the ins and outs -- and his acts have gotten the city into the mess that we are in. And, he has shown no leadership in getting us OUT of this mess.

Those that make the mess are often the least qualified to clean it up.

Doug's institutional knowledge is a huge liability.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: On this we agree, the comment made by anon that "he knows the ins and outs of the City of Pittsburgh," is the problem. Show Shields were to cut. I, along with others, have done that on many occasions. Those comments are not even acknowledged by Shields or City Council. So that argument of showing you were to cut are nothing but deflection to try to get us to shut up. Show you were to cut? How about those credit cards for one. I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Joh K said: So that argument of showing you were to cut are nothing but deflection to try to get us to shut up. Show you were to cut? How about those credit cards for one. I rest my case.

What credit cards are you refering to? Are you refering to the ONE American Airline credit card that Bill Peduto has? The city will saves tons of money if that card is turned in.
As to your comments not being acknowledged. Have you had or tried to have a one on one conversation with Shields to shared your comments?

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Yep that credit is one. There are others. And your response anon is typical of City Govt. When shown where to cut the response is exactly what you wrote. Meaning pennies and dollars mean nothing. Cut a few dollars here and few pennies there and soon you add it up to real money. Need another cut, how about those $80,000 staffs. After all, we hear Shields say Govt is service, not a means to the wealth.