Sunday, May 25, 2008

Told ya. If you missed it -- too bad for you. Schenley's musical claims top prize

Kelly Awards.... and the envelope please.... (drum roll) ....
It will be in tomorrow's paper but I couldn't wait to break the news: Schenley's musical All Shook Up won best musical in the low budget category. Schenley student, Teressa LaGamba, won best supporting actress at the Kelly Awards presented last night. It is nice to have others recognize what the Schenley family has always known: Schenley musicals are magic!
Thanks for the news from our regular network of insiders!

2008 Gene Kelly Awards announced: "The Benedum Center was packed Saturday night as Pittsburgh CLO and the University of Pittsburgh honored Allegheny County high schools with the 18th annual Gene Kelly Awards for Excellence in High School Musical Theater."
See the article on the show:

Award winning Kelly Critic review: "All Shook Up," Schenley, April 24-May 3: "It was this evident sense of community that allowed Schenley to take what would otherwise be written off as a testing situation and turn it into something truly magical. Whether in the moments of surprisingly-well-executed dramatic and choreographic teamwork (for a group of over 40 performers), or in the unmistakable passion shining through the smiles of each cast member, Schenley managed to prove, as their program so wholeheartedly attests, 'They can take the kids out of Schenley, but they can't take the Schenley MAGIC out of the kids!'"

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