Thursday, May 08, 2008


Our keepers believe that Toma, our female Amur tiger, is expecting again! This would be Toma's second litter and she could give birth any day now! Toma bred a few months ago with her new mate, Globus. Since then keepers have been keeping a close eye on Toma, waiting for signs of her pregnancy. About two weeks ago, they began noticing Toma behaving in much the same way she did during her first pregnancy. A nesting area or den was set up for the births and now we are all watching and waiting. When the cubs are born they are toothless, blind, and completely reliant on their mother for several months. Keepers will monitor the births and the cubs using a hidden camera inside the den. Visitors also can get a sneak peek at the new family from our website and a TV monitor placed at the Tiger Viewing Window.
From the Pgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium newsletter.

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