Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Letter to Mark Rauterkus from Tim Westergren, Founder, Pandora

Got a nice letter and t-shirt as a thank you gift for the aid I've given to Pandora.
May 7, 2008

Pandora - radio from the Music Genome Proect

Hi Mark-

On behalf of myself and everyone here at Pandora, I want to give a hearty thanks for your wonderful support. I hope you know how much it means to us. For small companies like ours, it's everthing.

This journey is getting more and more exciting with each passing day. Wecreated Pandora and the Music Genome Project to help people discover and enjoy music they love - you should consider yourself very much a part of this adventure.

Please accept this Pandora gift as a token of our gratitude. Welcome to the team!


Tim Westergren, Founder