Friday, January 02, 2009

Polar Bear Swim, 2009

Original post from 1/1/09

I'm grasping for activities where I can still compete with Erik -- and win. The cold water is a great equalizer.

R, our lead off swimmer, like this was a relay, is next to me. She is still wearing her t-shirt. I'm in the green swim cap with the black Speedo robe. Erik, with grey hat and head down, is next to Rene and Mike, (Running Mate, dad, ex-college swimmer at Duquesne) is behind Erik at the far left of the frame.

The middle of the Frick relay - T, M, Erik.

The action gets hot. T in his leap. M and Erik on deck. The big guys, Mike and I are anchors.

Photo shows Erik in the water and on the way back to the wall.

Did he take a breath after his flip turn?

T and B scramble to the new year ahead.

Four photos from Greg Blackman. Thank you.

We did it! After the jump I'm putting on my shoes and can't feel my toes.

Photo from a cell phone on the edge of the Mon about 9:31 AM on January 1, 2009. Thanks Mike.

We passed out an invite that said to arrive at 9 am, jump in at 9:30 and depart by 9:31. Seems I wasn't too clear. There was some question about that minute when people were required to stay in the water. Wrong. you don't need to stay in the water for a minute. You don't even need to get your head wet. Sorry if I wasn't so clear. Our gang, mixed in the crowd, was all in and out in less than a minute.

None of us signed the official book, by the way. We waited in the line for 20-minutes or so, but then got ready for the jump.


Pittsburgh Polar Bear Club Takes Annual New Year's Day Plunge Into Icy Mon River - "Pittsburgh Polar Bear Club Takes Annual Icy Plunge"

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