Monday, April 04, 2005

Bill Godshall and others are to tackle campaign finance reform on the county level

Bill wrote:
To: Allegheny County Campaign Finance Advocates

At its meeting scheduled for 5PM tomorrow (Tuesday), Allegheny County
Council is scheduled to consider Doug Price's Campaign Finance legislation,
which now includes three amendments offered by Rich Fitzgerald that were
approved at last week by the Council's Committee on Campaign Finance
(see news article in the comments).

April 5th's County Council meeting agenda.

Those testifying are encouraged to:

1. Urge council to support effective campaign finance legislation.

2. Urge council to lower the limits (that were amended into the bill) for individual contributions to County candidates.

3. Remind council that Rich Fitzgerald's stated intent to amend the legislation to also apply to federal, state and municipal candidates would conflict with federal law, state law, and the City of Pittsburgh's Home Rule Charter. It's uncertain, however, whether Fitzgerald's amendments would actually apply to federal, state and muni candidates.

4. Remind council that Rich Fitzgerald's intent to amend the legislation to limit a candidate's contribution to his/her own campaign (at $5,000/year) would violate the Buckley vs Valeo decision by the US Supreme Court. Once againg, however, it's uncertain whether Fitzgerald's amendment would actually limit the amount a candidate can contribute to himself/herself.

If anyone wants a copy of the amendments that were approved at last week's committee meeting, please let me know and give me your fax number. Following is last week's Tribune Review article on the bill.

Bill Godshall
(W) 412-351-5880

I am for sensible campaign finance reform. I'm most interested in legislation that is going to work and still allow the region to soar.

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