Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Citizens for the Advancement of Democracy

A new blogger wrote:
Citizens for the Advancement of Democracy How about a man who gets re-elected in November as a Democrat and then in January switches to a Republican so he can run for State Senate? That's what Michael Diven did. He's an underhanded politician on every level.

Who are these folks, other than die-hard Peduto fans?


Anonymous said...

who cares who they are

Citizens for the Advancement of Democracy said...

We tend to care.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I tend to care.

But, I still don't know who.

So, I assume they want to be faceless. That's fine.

And, a faceless endorsement goes to Fontana. That is fine too. Twisted logic needs a home too.

I won't be getting out of the race on the advice of a faceless blog post. (giggle)

The comment box on that web blog is as big as a postage stamp. Don't put me in a little comment box.

Diven's shuffle to the private sector is something that I'm going to help accelerate. My voice is needed at events, debates, candidate forums and such. Fontana's voice isn't going to be as "valid" as mine when speaking on reform. Fontana would be very lonesome on stage by himself.

To use your logic, remember, I've been a Republican longer than Diven. I'll attract a good number of GOP votes that would NOT go to Fontana. My being in the race HELP Fontana.

And, Peduto's supporters who aid Fontana might want to think again.

Good to see you around town.

Anonymous said...

If you have been a long time Republican then why aren't you running on that ticket?