Tuesday, April 05, 2005

City residents get street cleaning schedule alert

City residents get street cleaning schedule alertCity residents take note, street cleaning began Friday and parking restrictions will be strictly enforced, says the Department of Public Works. Parking restrictions are posted on street-cleaning signs, but a grace period for ticketing cars will be in effect through April 18 to give residents a chance to adjust to the schedule.

The parking restrictions will be enforced beginning April 19 through Nov. 30.

The city needs to make up some of the income from the missed Penguins season. So, expect to see a lot of tickets and few street sweepers. Its an income thing. And, it is another way to spank the citizens.

The entire street sweeping program needs a serious evaluation. Alerts to residents should be simple, if a network was operational. But, these governmental officials don't think about customer service nor outreach nor modern communications.

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