Wednesday, April 06, 2005

DFA Endorsement

A progressive Pittsburgh group held an endorsement meeting. I had spoken to the group in the past and showed up tonight to plug the community concert I'm hosting tomorrow. Plus, I mentioned that I'm strong on democracy (small "d") skills and perspectives.

My Dem opponent spoke at the outset of the meeting, and I missed his pitch.

Then a ballot was taken -- among a number of races and a number of candidates.

Neither I nor Fontana got the endorsement. No endorsement is being made by the group for the race in the PA Senate 42nd district.

I'm fine with the outcome.

The one discussion point that seemed to resonate with everyone among the audience was the displeasure with the "Rs."

I'll leave the results for the other races to the DFA blog. The leaders there hosted another well run meeting.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005

Subject: Impressive meeting. Thanks for the opportunities and considerations

Hi All,

I wanted to take a moment to write and say thanks for the endorsement
opportunity and consideration in my race for the PA Senate 42nd
district special election to occur on May 17, 2005.

I was very impressed with the endorsement meeting, its structure, its
purpose and everyone's effort.

Thanks for the consideration.

In Pittsburgh, and throughout the region, we have a long way to go
with our politics and our political landscape. I think you all realize
this as well.

Hope to see you around town again in the near future.


Mark Rauterkus
412 298 3432
Libertarian and Citizen Candidate for PA Senate, (42nd district)
special election on May 17, 2005.