Tuesday, April 05, 2005

March Madness Ends. Sadly, Murphy's Madness Sustains

They cut down the nets at the end of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament last night. The Final Four became a single victor, North Carolina Tarheels.

March Madness ends, but sadly, the madness at the hand of Mayor Tom Murphy sustains itself with a new bond deal for the city. The city, already in great debt, is racking up more debt.

This time of recent unpleasantness is what we might call this era.

The Tarheels won in 2005 while all of the city lost. Some might look to the sky blue, while others think of the black heel, the tar and convert that to the asphalt plant, the pedestrians, the potholes, the destruction of stairways that this bond might help to fund.

Murphy wants to borrow money to better destroy the city. Some of the money to be used after it is taken on load, is for the removal of city steps, already in decay. These are projects from the WPA that won't ever be rebuilt. And because they are done with debt, the progress for the future is but a wish away wiht a lottery ticket in hand.

But this isn't only Murphy's trouble. It is Diven's as well. Diven would do the same thing. He'd borrow the money. Diven and Murphy would act the same. They generally have.

Here is a chance for either of my opponents to stand tall and say what they think should be done.

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