Saturday, April 02, 2005

NAN tip

NAN is the neighborhood awareness network. The group is building an "amber alert" type of rapid response chain to get messages around the South Side Flats.
Zone 3 officers were dispatched to the Beechview area for a man standing in the back of a pick up truck going through garbage that he retrieved from a drug store. The actor told police that he was going through the garbage to get receipts to give to another person. He refused to give the name of the person he was doing this for. LET'S GET THE WORD OUT TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITIES OF THE IMPORTANCE OF SHREDDING PAPER AND RECEIPTS THAT NEED DISPOSED OF. THE CRIME OF IDENTITY THEFT IS ESCALATING ACROSS THE COUNTRY. ANY ASSISTANCE YOU CAN PROVIDE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANK YOU!

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