Saturday, April 09, 2005

Supporting a loser. Onorato takes a LTE hit from Beechview

This is a letter to the editor from another person (Emily), just reposted here.
Supporting a loser - Supporting a loser - Friday, April 8, 2005

I think Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato is making a huge mistake by endorsing Bob O'Connor for mayor of Pittsburgh (O'Connor picks up Onorato's support,' April 1).

Onorato is supposed to be a reform-minded politician, yet he's supporting someone who has been a key player in creating the problems that our city government is currently facing.

O'Connor is a politician of the old school, having supported Mayor Murphy's costly spending until it became convenient for him to do otherwise in election years. He's a two-time loser in the mayor's race for obvious reasons -- where was he all those years that the city was being irresponsible with our money?

I'm greatly disappointed by Onorato's decision. We have a chance to move this city forward by electing a new mayor, but he wants us to choose someone who represents everything we should be getting away from.

I guess he's not the kind of leader I thought he was.
Emily Waschak, Beechview

I'm not exactly sure what Onorato will do in the PA Senaate race, nor when. Dan has some political strength, of course. However, political strength isn't something that I'd put as his ace in the hole. What does Dan's Onorado blog tell us as to what he's projecting and thinking about? Then we'd know and he'd have more sway.


Todd said...

Like you have much sway with this mediocre blog? Politicians don't derive their political sway from an internet weblog. Get off the computer and start campaigning.

Anonymous said...

I second that!

Mark Rauterkus said...

Who's not campaigning? I'm hitting three events a day -- some day five.

Didn't see you at the health expo in Arlington on Friday, Pitt on Sat, today another Sunday meeting and church visits. My calendar for next week has 20-plus meetings.

In addition to blogging. Blog time is not taking the place of campaigning. I'm doing all four. :)

Want to help? Call. I would love to have some additional company if you can keep up.

Anonymous said...

Oh I can keep up all right. I already work for two campaigns as it is.

Todd said...
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