Friday, April 01, 2005

What did you think of the debate?

What did you think of the debate? I'd love to get your written reactions in the comment section here.

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Lamb Clear Victor at Mayoral Debate

- O’Connor Again Denies Any Responsibility for City’s Financial Crisis --

PITTSBURGH- Last night the candidates for Mayor participated in a debate at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater in East Liberty. During the debate, Michael Lamb stated his vision for reforming city government and bringing Pittsburgh back to financial solvency, distinguishing himself from his major opponents who have both been a part of bringing the city to the brink of bankruptcy.

“Throughout this campaign I have been talking with people around our city, and one thing is clear---Pittsburghers are proud of this city, but not their government. When I am elected Mayor, we will change that. As Mayor, I will bring this city back to financial solvency.”

During the debate, Bob O’Connor was asked about his role in bringing the city to the brink of bankruptcy. O’Connor says that he saw the financial crisis coming, but what did he do to stop it? O’Connor voted for city budgets throughout his time on Council, including the 1998 through 2002 budgets, which accounted for over $48 million in spending increases.

Lamb said, “I think you did see the problem coming, and you should have, since you were part of causing the problem. Not only did you see it coming, you invited it in and had it pull up a chair.”

O’Connor also flip-flopped on his position with respect to the Pittsburgh Public School Board. He was asked if he supported an elected Pittsburgh School Board, or an appointed school board. O’Connor said he supported the current system of electing city school board members, even though, at his February 13, 2005 announcement he stated he was in favor of an appointed school board.

With the lack of leadership when the city was on the brink of bankruptcy, and his flip-flops on important issues, we clearly can’t trust O’Connor to move our city forward.

A lifelong Pittsburgher, Michael Lamb knows we need a new generation of leadership to recapture the confidence that has always made us proud of this city. He has bold and realistic plans to foster economic development, to revitalize neighborhoods, to upgrade housing and to bring in the new jobs that our community needs and deserves.