Monday, May 05, 2008

Called into Marty Griffin, KDKA Radio

Not on hold any longer, after waiting about an hour.

Marty Griffin of KDKA Radio, reported that he had an epiphany this weekend. Marty, it is GREAT to stand up for the "NAYSAYERS."

The bullies do NOT get it.

Marty is ranting, over and over again, about how there needs to be cuts in government, not new taxes. The small business folks and family folks are facing higher and higher bills. Everyone is cutting, except government.

The theme of Marty's ranting hits a bigger, more fundamental philosophy. I'd like to drag his awareness to a higher understanding. It is more than just the economic conditions. That's a huge burden that can't be down-played. It is the economy stupid. Sure thing. But bigger fights are still to be fought, about and beyond the economy.

The root problems are not just within the economy.

We need dissent for democracy to work. Funny how the bullies are generally Dems.

Marty is mad at Ed, Dan and Rich. They want to say that the small business owners who are putting up opposition to the drink tax are 'crazy.' Seems that Dan Onorato called the radio station on Friday -- as did Rich Fitzgerald? -- to complain saying that the kickback to the drink tax is "not newsworthy."

That same day, Dan Onorato was holding his 'closed door meeting' with select police and fire folks from around the county. (see the post below)

Closed door meetings and pegging opposition as crazy naysayers is their mode of operation.

The watchdogs need to do their duties. We naysayers need to do ours. And, bullies need to get their noses rubbed in the crap that they've littered about these parts for so long now.

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Anonymous said...

John K. says; If you fell for this then Griffin has got you hook, line and sinker. This is an advertising scheme. He lures you in with your e-mail or phone number, then gets the businesses on board and bombards you with advertising from the later. He doesn't care about this. Its about his ratings and the advertising revenue he brings into KDKA.