Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Roosevelt plans to make his recommendation on Schenley future May 19

They are still spreading FUD (FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, DOUBT).
Roosevelt plans to make his recommendation on Schenley future May 19 Last night, Mr. Roosevelt said the additional study has cast the building's status in a 'different light,' but he declined after the meeting to elaborate.
So, after months of badgering, they finally released the first study. Then they have another. But, it isn't being released either.

And, the studies were not even read. The executive summary statements didn't match with the content within the body of the study.


Here is another zinger: about $64 million to address asbestos and other maintenance problems. Red flag.

First, there are no other maintenance problems. None other than regular, expected, normal, routine, fixes that should be part of all buildings. The problem is that there were very few maintenance matters addressed in the past years. They let the drips build up. They didn't fix them as they should. Every facility needs on-going maintenance. Those are NOT maintenance problems.

What's next. Will the kids in first grade be called 'problems' because they can't read yet.


And, if I stand corrected, please post them in the comments of this message.

Futhermore, there are no asbestos problems. Asbestos has never been a problem at the school. The air quality has been tested and tested and tested -- and there is no problem. Sure, don't eat the floor tiles. That's it. Be sensible. Asbestos is in every school. Asbestos is in our new cars. Asbestos is not a problem with the other schools because they don't want to close them -- yet. They made asbestos a problem in Schenley by design. The asbestos in Schenley can be dealt with.

Fixing asbestos at Schenley does NOT need to include new air conditioning for the entire building. They inflated the fix up numbers. They depressed the real cost of the move elsewhere. Now those numbers are 10-times higher than what they said. And, the fall-out for the students, families, taxpayers and even teachers is massive. The district is about to die.

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