Monday, May 05, 2008

So -- who in the hell is running for mayor -- and -- is Luke Ravenstahl wounded?

People are asking me all the time, "Who is running for mayor?"

Gosh. What do you think?

The talk is that our existing mayor has worn out his welcome. Well, at least some of the people that talk to me are saying such things. This deal with the URA seems to have flipped a few others to the side that Luke must go.

But, I'm not so sure as to what will happen.

I know that the mayor's race is a big deal and should be a two-step process with primary and general election. It is going to take a one-two combination to land someone other than Luke in the office in January 2010.

I do like the fact that the Dem primary and the races of 2008 have been kicking up such a cloud of dust that people are not yet with a focus on the local races for 2009. But, a little chatter and a little advance planning would be nice.

Funny too, about the media: I expect that when they think about local candidates that they'll do what they have always done. The local media always gets off to a bad start. The editors like to begin the coverage by printing stories of people who are NOT running for mayor.

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