Monday, May 05, 2008

Wright Might Have Sunk Obama, All Presidential African Americans for Two Decades

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, clearly not on the side of Jesus Christ, has forced Barack Hussein Obama's hand into a full-blown denunciation.
There is a lot of discussion whether Wright purposely sabotaged the junior Senator from Illinois, or was just on his tour of hatred, controversy and wackiness to sell copies of his upcoming book. Obama, while still ahead in the Democratic delegate count, has clearly and utterly been sunk for November. Fiscally conservative Reagan Democrats, who could hold considerable sway this fall, will never vote for Obama knowing that he either put up with Wright's dementia or never showed up for services altogether.
Knowing that barring a political miracle—Obama tackling Osama bin Laden himself near the espresso machine Hilary Clinton didn't know how to operate—Barack is looking at a November thumping of Mondalian proportions.
The question now becomes: Has Jeremiah Wright single-handedly destroyed an African American's chances of being President for the next 50 years?
Fifty might just be an overstatement but it does grab your attention. Obama was designated to be the poster dude, the salvation for those simply tired of the Clinton shock and awe of self-pomposity. Young, thin, sounds identical to WWE wrestler The Rock, Barack was believed to be exactly the "fresh face" the Democratic Party needed. Never mind the vapid-minded vocal stylings of Michelle Robinson Obama; Barack was to be the King of the Castle, the cut-and-run General in John Murtha's race from the Middle East.
Now the man who officiated Obama's marriage and baptized his children, has by himself knocked the Golden Bird from his perch.
Jeremiah Wright has stolen a great deal of the spotlight from Obama and has actually uncovered a "Black Church" phenomenon that few white folks didn't know existed. It turns out that some churches that count a large African American congregation agree with Wright. A discussion with my own pastor brought this to my attention and an African American church goer at my office attested to the fact that on any given Sunday, one may hear similar rants from "pastors" who should be sharing knowledge of Christ's teachings and not inflaming improper rhetoric.
Every black candidate who will ever come down the pike again will be scrutinized accordingly. Religion, one of the building blocks of the greatest nation in the history of the planet, continues to be of utmost importance to folks in "fly over country," whether liberals like it or not.
Radio host Glenn Beck recently ran Jeremiah Wright's Palm Sunday message for an entire hour on his program. The inflammatory hate and anger that exploded from Wright will resonate not only with voters still eligible to vote in the primary, but all the way to November if Obama makes it past the Democratic National Convention. This process continues to be one for the history books.
Due to Wright's involvement, Obama is now absolutely unelectable in the fall. It's really too bad because a good-looking radical lefty who would send America into an economic tail spin would be fun to have in the race regardless of whether he has incredible character defects (surrounds himself with the most un-Patriotic Dream Team any major party has ever assembled), but now it's apparent that no self-respecting, God-loving voter will ever plunk Obama's name in November, even if gas is $4 a gallon. Tell me how gas prices will go "down" if oil companies are besieged with taxes? They will simply pass the tax onto consumers. People have to go places. That's pure economics.
It really is unfortunate that Obama's political chickens "have come HOME to ROOST."
That's to Jeremiah Wright's audacity of hate, Barack Obama will not be our next President. Nor will any other African American candidate for 20-30 years. Not even Will Smith can overcome this stigma anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: And Obama and his ties to Rev Wright would have remained dormant except for Operation Chaos. Darn that Limbaugh fellow. LMAO

Mark Rauterkus said...

Tom, Good to see you back at the blog.

Burgher Jon said...

Are we seriously saying that Obama has already lost the November election? He's lost the November election the same way he lost the democratic primary to Clinton back in January, according to a few short sighted "analysts".

On the other side, they're saying the same thing about McCain's "100 Years in Iraq" comment. They'll say the same thing when the details of his divorce are aired publicly. Short sighted analysts will call this election at least a dozen more times in both directions.

The reality is two good men, men I actually respect are running against each other for the first time in my lifetime. Instead of jumping to conclusions, let's enjoy watching a Hero and a Inspiring Speaker debate on the greatest stage.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: No respect for Obama. He is nothing more than an ACORN activist. He throws stone at any target, truthful or not. But it will be fun watching him in Denver. Recreate 68 thanks to Operation Chaos.

Mark Rauterkus said...

No respect. Right John K. You are the expert on "no respect."

Thomas Leturgey said...

Let's hope that Obama has already lost in November. He is an empty suit who is a passable speaker.

I agree with John K. in that Obama hasn't earned any respect with anyone who loves this country.

Barack Obama's only qualifications are that he's black and presumably a good speaker. He is not impressive in intelligent thought or actions.