Tuesday, December 07, 2004

10-4 vote for 10-4 question on row office reform

Passed council, 10-4 for 10-4.: "'I think this is a historic moment to reform and reorganize county government,' Rich Fitzgerald said after the meeting."

Everything is so dramatic and so historic. Give us a break.

And, to say it is only 'fair' to let the officials serve out their terms is NOT fair to the will of the people. Fair for row offices. The fair thing to do is put each office before the voters and have it stand on its own.

Give us 10 ballot questions, one for each office. Then let's see how the campaign works.

Dan could veto their plan and get the necessary signatures to put his 10-2 plan onto the ballot. Or, Dan could counter with a 10 office 10 vote plan. Thankfully, there is still a little time.

Anyone else what to offer a ballot question for discussion? This is the time to toss it out into the marketplace of ideas for review.

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