Thursday, December 09, 2004

KQVs AM show has some nice interviews

My AM Radio dail has been set to KQV, and I've been impressed in the past weeks. They are doing a nice job with extended interviews.

Joan from Penn Future was on to speak of the pie in the sky building of the Mon Valley Toll Road. She hit all the big points well.

Seems Paul O'n, formerly of Alcoa and Bush cabnet, is now an ex- with UPMC's board. That board is H - U - G - E. Not sure why he'd pull off there. Humm.

The KQV editorial on the city's finances made it to the air too, it seems, after three others were yanked due to changes in the conditions in the landscape. Too many cooks can spoil the broth was a theme. Beyond a recap, the only other solid statement, "Sometimes even a blind pig can find an acorn."

Finally, like the radio ads of Trizilla, a sports and fitness store run by another former Fox Chapel swim coach. I'll need to look to see if he has an affiliate program and does web banner ads. Or, just need to plug Dicks some more.

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Thomas Leturgey said...

As a former KQV Morning News Editor, I can tell you that the a.m. shift was always have fresh interviews that were also later cut up for reports throughout the rest of the day. When Pat Cloonan and I worked with the on-air crew in 97 and 98, we ALWAYS had newsmakers.

I personally believe it was never better when two seasoned guys like me and Cloonan were in opposed to one seasoned news vet and a continuing rotating door of "newbies," but then they broke us up. As a result of that schedule bungling, I was forced to find a new outlet.

But the "Groovy K-V" in many ways is still the best source for local news in the region.