Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Editorial: Board and coverage was hitched to Murphy

Editorial: Murphy's limit / Pittsburgh's mayor decides to call it a career: "In the city's hour of desperation, it was hard to find any good will toward Tom Murphy from suburban lawmakers, some Democrats included.

That, if nothing else, was a sign that Pittsburgh needed a new mayor.

Two weeks ago, this editorial board said as much and we also said that candidates with fresh perspective, even from the Republican Party in a city dominated by Democrats, should step forward with their plans for the future. Now that the incumbent has decided not to run, those ideas will get a more thorough airing."

My expression, said thousands of times has been: "Pittsburgh needs a new mayor more than I need to be mayor." Finally, the sign of needing a new mayor get home to those at the PG.

We'll see how the treatment goes to candidates with fresh perspectives. The double talk is obvious in the mention above. Why not just say that the editorial board will be open minded to candidates and don't rub the readers in the nose with the city dominated by Rebublicans swipe?

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