Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Row office reform

I talked with Wayne Fontana of County Council on the phone. He worked a lot on the row-office reform measures and process. It seems the idea of 10-ballot questions, one for each elected office, was talked about. Wayne, perhaps being nice to me, said he like that idea and pushed for it himself.

By the way, Wayne and I are both expected to be on the campaign trails seeking the PA Senate seat in the 42nd District. Disclosure ends.

But, the Republicans didn't like the 10-votes idea. Nor did the Dems. Wayne didn't have a lot of support.

The fear was that the public would be so mad that they'd transition all 10 from elected office status.

How about this as a wrinkle for the veto's counter measure. The election is May 2005. Any given office transitions from elected to appointed could occur January 1, 2006. But, if the case of more than five (50%) transitions are voted upon, the remaining ones (6, 7, 8, 9, 10?) are to terminate Jan 1, 2007.

The offices that are mandated with a higher percentage of voters for closing close first. The offices that are less strongly in favor of an appointed leader transfer in 2007, if that is the will of the appointed leader of that office. Sooner would be permitted.

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