Saturday, December 18, 2004

River boss and overlord to vacate

Another one bites the dust.

River boss - "John G. Craig Jr., who stepped down as co-chair of the Riverlife Task Force, epitomizes the 'fatal conceit' of self-appointed leaders who presume to know what's best for everyone.

Some of the region's best and brightest citizens serve on the task force, formed in 1999 by the Murphy administration to create a 'grand, urban-scale park along the three rivers in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.'

Craig, appointed by his good friend Mayor Murphy, gave voice to that fatal conceit when he told a reporter the task force was a sort of 'moral authority' over developers of projects along the rivers.

However, this former newspaper editor did not cite a source indicating who gave the organization that so-called moral authority, or how Craig even was qualified to determine or guide the proper use of anything. "

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