Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Do more with Les

It's a good campaign slogan: Do More with Les. That's Les Ludwig.

Today Mr. Ludwig tossed his hat, officially, into the Democratic Mayor's race primary. He talked about the lack of leadership in the city council chambers, in the administration AND with the unions.

Doubt you'll see much in the newspaper or on the radio. His arrival into the race is going to make it rocky for Bob O'Connor. There is some history between the two. Bob O'Connor, as his city councilman, didn't help in a home-care operation.

Les has dug on a few different issues. I've posted his comments on the issues to the internet at my sites.


Norma said...

I need to do less speed reading. I thought it said, Do more with Lies.

Matt Hogue said...

I really don't see anyone posing a real threat to O'Connor.