Friday, December 10, 2004

Come with checkbooks open: 10 am on Thursday, Dec. 16, public hearing in city council chambers

The city clerk just called to inform me that the Citizens of Pittsburgh have called City Council to hold a public hearing on bill 2004-0900 about Campaign Finance Reform for the city races of mayor, controller and city council to be held at 10 am on Thursday, December 16 in City Council Chambers.

Watch for an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review on Saturday.

I went to speak to Pittsburgh Business Times today and did speak again withe the editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.

The public hearing has been rushed ahead. That's fine with me. I think they need 10 day's notice. This is six. Oh well. Wonder if TV coverage will be nixed too. I expect so.

If you want to speak, --- do so NOW. We need to coordinate efforts. That's about effectiveness and efficient discussions.

The list of problems with this bill are long. But, I hope we'll be able to fix them.

I saw some firefighters today too. They'll talk about the bill at their union meeting soon.

Questions: 412-298-3432. = my cell phone.

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