Monday, December 06, 2004

Replacement sought for Wagner's state Senate seat

Replacement sought for Wagner's state Senate seatThough no date has been chosen for the special election, the election will probably be in the spring, and could coincide with the spring primary."

To date, the only Republican to publicly express interest in running for Wagner's Senate seat is David Jason, a Scott Township commissioner.

(Bill Toland can be reached at or 1-717-787-2141.)

My adivce is headed to Harrisburg in a letter soon. I'm asking that the special election for this open seat be held on May 17, 2005. That special election can occur at the same time as the primary election day so as to save money. The costs of a special election for a Senate seat are too steep to hold on its own day.

I was at an organizational meeting this weekend with some former DEAN supporters from throughout the county. They started to talk about the open PA Senate seat and the need to get good candidates. I spoke up and said, "I resemble that remark." Later I had the floor for a three minute update and invited them to the wiki, Platform.For-Pgh.Org.

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