Wednesday, December 29, 2004

PG Letters to the editor hits solid points

Love it when two letters in the same day hit home splendid points. Better to use the words of others for extra leverage when I can:
PG Letters: 12/29/04 Thank Mayor Murphy? He brought down the city I thought I'd seen everything in the PG's opinion section, but Elsie Hillman's praise of Mayor Tom Murphy on Friday was nothing short of bizarre ('Thank You, Tom Murphy: Despite Some Painful Years, This Mayor Has Served Our City Well,' Dec. 24 Perspectives)! Mrs. Hillman (pseudo-Republican that she is) must have had a bit too much Christmas cheer, or she has been secluded for so long (except for appearances in the Seen column) that a primer/re-education is needed regarding Pittsburgh's desperate situation.

My former hometown has gone into freefall mainly due to Mayor Murphy's totally inept leadership. I agree with Mrs. Hillman that Mayor Murphy is an honest man -- but without a clue.

Since a Democrat has the only chance of being mayor for the next 30 years or so, here's my plan: Mrs. Hillman should throw some of her vast fortune into helping bail out Pittsburgh, and Dan Onorato (the only Democrat in Allegheny County government with any sense) deserves a chance to go up against the entrenched policies of the ruling party.

Good luck, Mr. Onorato; you're going to need it!


Mayor Tom Murphy's recent announcement that he will not run for re-election ('Murphy Won't Seek 4th Term,' Dec. 22) should signal Pittsburgh residents to take a stronger role in local politics.

Pittsburgh is best known for its institutions, and it goes unrecognized that rugged individualism has been obliterated through lost jobs, lost family-owned business and lost representation for the unaffiliated person. The relationships among big business and local politics have resulted in socio-economic disaster.

The best strategy for economic and cultural growth in Pittsburgh is to re-introduce manufacturing to the region in the form of independent tradesmanship.


Mrs. Hillman being called a pseudo-Republican fits. Cluelessness is also on the mark.

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