Friday, December 17, 2004

SEA bets on $2 M in revenue from slots

These guys are still drunk on the expected slots incomes. Now the move is to prop up the SEA (Sports & Exibition Authority) Budget. They are with a $2-million hole. Rather than doing the right thing and making a balanced budget, as hired to do, they wish upon a star.

Logan is generally a strong critic of Mayor Tom Murphy. However, in this move, he seems to be doing the same things Murphy did with the 2003 drink tax.

SEA bets on $2 M in revenue - "
There are ways state gambling overseers could raise money before slots revenue starts rolling in, said state Sen. Sean Logan, D-Monroeville, an SEA board member.

Other state agencies, he said, borrow money against future revenue, including the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, which pledges future toll revenue to borrow money.

'It's not like the Gaming Control Board, if they choose to do that, would be breaking new ground,' Logan said. "

The SEA needs to build a hotel. This slots money doesn't go to that purpose. Perhaps the size of the white elephant known as the convention center will be a story in 2005 or 2006? We've got a big sink on our hands. We're taking hoped for money to plug up operational holes for things that are to supply our economy with robust fuel. This is rolling out of control in reverse. And, if Logan is part of the new guard -- we are in deep, deep trouble.

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