Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Row Office Reform tidbits

One idea: Make the recorder of deeds a function of a new office on assessments. That County Assessor could and perhaps should be an elected official. Property assessments have been such a tooth ache around here. Putting it as a political office, with accountability to the voters might be a viable solution. So, that is an increase in Row Offices.

The Prothonatary, Clerk of the Courts, and Register of Wills, (that's three current row offices) should be servants to the courts, not the County Executive. The PA Governor does not appoint the positions for similar state positions. Rather, the court officials do.

Perhaps a court challenge will come in the weeks and months in the future from, none other than the court leadership. The judges are not going to like the fact that the leaders of those possitions are assigned by the county executive.

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