Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Voice of the Region uses "Think Again"

A quarter page ad in today's trib, page A4, uses the expression, "Think Again."

Headline: Think Your Opinion Doesn't Matter? Think Again.
Help Chage our Region by Givein Us A Piece of Your Mind.

The campaign and web site is by Mampos Inc. in partnership with the Pgh Tribune Review.


These folks also did a lame undecided voters market research thing after one of the presidential debates. Only "undecided voters" were invited. Then they ran the discussion on the radio. I called it lame because all the candidates on the ballot were not in the debates. To build a case after only some of the evidence is presented is faulty. And, to build a decision with a flock of those who are wishy-washy by choice is sure to a cheap investment of one's time.

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