Thursday, December 30, 2004

City paper ink

"Perennial candidate Mark Rauterkus already owns his dot-com.

The City Paper, alternative, gratis, news weekly, did an article (page 10, Dec. 29, 2004) with the headline, For Stronger Elections -- Mayor candidate haven't declared, but they're snagging Web sites.

You can watch, as I'll open up in the future. Of course I'll yap about it here first.

What's more interesting is Julie M's New Year's Eve party. Perhaps I'll try to bring something there.

I also think some of the comments at some of the other blogs are very telling, IMNSHO. I'll post them in the comments section, FYI, FWIW.


Anonymous said...

From the draftbill blog from faceless organizers:

Anonymous said...
Elect a Republican if you want things fixed!!!!!

Anonymous said...
Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto wants to protect the integrity of the electoral process by limiting access to it. He claims to care about public perception. Special-interest groups and wealthy individuals supposedly could seem to have unjustified influence in the political process because campaign contributions for city elections have risen in recent years. Peduto wants limits on cash contributions but not on volunteer efforts by special-interest groups such as labor unions. Peduto's bill would democratically limit individual contributions to $2,000, and political action committee contributions to $4,000, in each four-year election cycle. Candidates could not have more than one of those committees. Anyone making the maximum donation would be prohibited from receiving a no-bid contract from the city. Peduto did not check with the state attorney general to ask if his bill violates the state constitution. Article 1, Section 5. states, "Elections shall be free and equal; and no power, civil or military, shall at any time interfere to prevent the free exercise of the right of suffrage." Peduto never bothered to ask the attorney general for an opinion. This is not the guy to lead the city.

Anonymous said...

Julie M's New Year's Eve invite:
> Hey everybody ...
> Last year, right around this time, the long-gone
> John Fail & I realized that
> there was absolutely nothing going on on New Year's
> Eve that wasn't a big
> ripoff, AND where I wasn't dressed w/ in a paper
> mache cow head (ie the
> ever-sophisticated First Night), AND where some
> suckers had bought several
> cases of Iron and Yuengling, AND where an unusually
> suave roommate had
> slaved away until 2 the night before hand-squeezing
> limes for homemade
> margaritas. At least, there was nothing going on
> that WE had been invited to
> ... so we'd have to be the suckers our damn selves.
> So at the last minute, after watching Trading Spaces
> at Miracles on
> Christmas Day, we announced a party ... and 200
> people showed up! In waves,
> a few at 9, then 11, then a Red Sea's worth after
> midnight, after bringing
> enriching family-friendly art to the city Downtown,
> or perhaps after
> bringing the purehearted kindness of local
> debauchery at some band show. I
> still see them in bars today -- lounging in my way
> when I'm trying to order
> a beer, damn it -- and I know we shared something
> deeply personal, trying to
> maul our way through the kitchen crowd to the back
> porch where the beer was
> cold.
> So, this year, we're doing it again! It's too late
> to just let a pleasant
> memory rest in peace, we've already blabbed it to
> half of you. So please
> come: It will be purely transcendent, as well as
> cheap (in personality), low
> (in culture) and awesome (in awesomeness).
> New Year's Eve
> 9 or later.
> 339 South Pacific Ave #5 (between Friendship Ave &
> Harriet)
> 441-4628
> Bring something if you can, don't if you can't!