Monday, December 27, 2004

Pennsylvania's big-city mayors have trouble with the law

Pennsylvania's big-city mayors have trouble with the law: "'It's their method of governing,' Saidel said, lumping ethical shortcomings, prickly personality and other factors under the umbrella of governing style.

'I think old habits die hard,' he said.

This is a hoot, IMNSHO.

Bill Green is looking for a mayor like Rendell. He wants man to meet city to meet job. He wants to see a certain personna and bank-roll justifications. Duhh.

Rendell isn't in trouble in Phili as they have term limits. Same too for Murphy. He should have taken a hike after eight years. The writting was on the wall. I saw it then. Green didn't.

The media --- like Bill Green --- help by sustaining the agony of these situations. John Wayne types are sure to find a sniffling Bill Green in a puckering position.

I heard Lynn Swann might be at the mall next week, sickem Bill sickem. Atta boy.

And, what is sure to reverse this "amazing coincidence" trend is either ego-centric politicians who agree to serve one term and run elsewhere. Or, a new breed of gentlemen, scholar, servants who can dance among the people. And, please, let me be complete and qualify this second half by one more major distinction. The gentlemen part needs few other modifiers if it began with a woman.

How many jag-offs in office in trouble are female?

A women wouldn't make those same mistakes. But moreover, most are smart enough to not step into these messy situations at the outset.

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