Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Rich Lord of City Paper asked, off line, so I answer.

Here is a telegraph, pals:
For planning purposes, can you tell me whether you're leaning toward running for mayor, or state Senate ... or something else? And if you're not planning to run for mayor, do you know who anyone in your former party who is?

RICHARD LORD, Pittsburgh City Paper

Hi Rich,

I'm running for the State Senate -- now. I'm on the ballot. Tonight I'll be going to the DU at RMU hoops game. While at the game, a theme is to seek others to run for office too. Both DU and RMU are in the PA Senate 42nd District, FWIW.

I want the State Senate election to be May 17 to save $200k. But, if it was held in March or April, as is the custom, 60-75 days, (Jan 18 start), then I'd be able to be more visible and more active for the May 17 primary as the State Senate race would have concluded.

If I win the state senate seat -- I don't expect I'll run for Mayor.

Should I win the special election, I'd be the lone Libertarian in either chamber. That would be an important role and would mean I'd pull out of the Mayor's race general election.

I'm asking GOPers to NOT put anyone on the ballot. A candidate for mayor can backfire. Run good races for other posts. Rather, they can vote for me as a write-in in the primary (that message comes later). Then my network can join with theirs. We win in the community by addition.

I'll be making calls to the city voters shortly.

Other moves on ballot access for Nov are being considered. To appear on three slots (Indie, Libertarian and GOPer) would be an eye opener.

The Platform.For-Pgh.Org is getting more attention and will be suitable for others to use as well -- from State Senate to Mayor to city council and such.

By the way, as a look ahead, I'll be helping my wife, still a GOPer, help Gene Ricciardi get onto the ballot for District Magistrate on the GOP side. That will be action to take root in early January.

Call me if you want more insights or quotes.

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