Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Jobs: Web Marketing Manager - for Gr. Pgh Convention & Visitors Web Marketing Manager

See comments for other interesting job postings this week including:

1. Bloomfield Garfield Corporation for a YouthLinks position.

2. East End Neighborhood Employment Center for Executive Director.

3. Stonewall Dems for DC political director.


Anonymous said...

Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation
5149 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15224
Phone: (412) 441-9833 Fax: (412) 441-6918

Title: Youthlink program coordinator
Salary Range: $28,000 - $32,000 plus individual benefits package
Position Start Date: January 2005
Duration: One-year
Status: Full-time
Contact Person: Richard Flanagan, Youth Development Director (412) 441-9833
E-mail resumes to:

Job Summary
The Youthlink program coordinator will stimulate change in the local workforce development system to better service young people ages 14-21. This staff person will organize employment and training opportunities in partnership with the Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center (ENEC) and PA CareerLink for young people in the East End of Pittsburgh. This staff person will team with a variety of schools, social service providers, employers and others to create a coordinated and effective youth workforce system in Pittsburgh.

Coordinate a variety of job readiness training providers to implement career education classes in partnership with Peabody H.S.
Launch CareerLink sign up days in community centers and in schools
Organize Youth Employment Fairs at Peabody High School and in partnership with neighborhood organizations
Organize Post-Secondary school fair
Work with partners and coordinate the building of a team approach to private sector placement for young people
Convene monthly meetings of the community agency and business leadership group
Teaming with staff of PA Careerlink, ENEC, YouthWorks and others, will offer or refer graduating seniors and other young people from the East End to job and other support services, particularly once they have secured employment
Incorporate technology and on-line training for young people using Choices and Keys2Work.
In partnership with various agencies and staff, continually identify and recruit private-sector employers interested in hiring youth

Required Qualifications:
Bachelor’s Degree Preferred or 1 to 3 years working in a combination of at least one of the following:
-experience in workforce development, adult or youth
-experience working with community groups
-experience working in an educational environment
Experience working with urban youth
Desire to engage parents in program
Case management experience a plus
Available nights and weekend
Computer literate and background in the utilization of technology
Current PA Driver’s License
Ability to pass Act 33/34 clearances

Anonymous said...

5231 Penn Avenue, Ground Floor
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224
Phone: (412) 362-8580 Fax: (412) 362-8590


Title of Position: Executive Director
Reports to: Board President
Salary Range: $35,000-$40,000 plus individual benefits
Status: Full-time, 40 hour per week exempt employee
Application procedure: Send resume and cover letter immediately via e-mail to: or via postal mail to: Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center 5230 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Maintain day-to-day operations of a non-profit agency dedicated to assisting residents of the East End residents of the City of Pittsburgh in securing permanent part- or full-time employment, in accordance with its charter
Perform all necessary tasks to ensure that all financial, legal and contractual obligations of the agency are met in a timely, professional manner; Coordinate the annual audit of the agency’s finances by an outside firm, and the filing of its annual 990 federal tax return
Design, recommend and implement creative marketing strategies to attract clientele to utilize the services of the employment center
Assist the board of directors in preparation and implementation of an action plan to sustain the agencies operations. Develop Memorandums of Understanding or single point of contact agreements with those business partners.
Identify prospects for grant support of the agency, as well as opportunities for fee-for service income, and prepare proposals as may be necessary to secure such revenues
Interact and communicate effectively, both orally and written, with a diverse group of individuals to develop partnerships with agency associates, Careerlink partners, funders and government officials
Report to the board on a monthly basis; Organize the agenda for all regular meeting of the board of directors, and for any standing committees of the board, in consultation with the board’s officers; Ensure timely minutes of any meeting of the board or its committees are accurately recorded and kept
Hire all employees of the agency, in consultation with the board’s officers, supervise their work, and evaluate their performance annually; Maintain an up-to-date manual of personnel policies and procedures, and ensure compliance by all employees with its provisions
Advocate for the interests of the agency, and for those individuals it serves, and make appearances as necessary in front of governmental bodies or at private forums in order to further those interests
Accept any duties or responsibilities, as may be delegated by the board, that are lawful and consistent with the fulfillment of the agency’s chartered purpose, but do not appear above

Anonymous said...

National Stonewall Democrats

Position Announcement

National Stonewall Democrats
Washington D.C.

National Stonewall Democrats (NSD) is a 501(c)4, non-profit membership
organization. NSD's Executive Director also serves as Director of our
sister 527 political committee, Stonewall Democrats United; Director
of our sister 501(c)3 education committee, Stonewall Education
Project; and Manager of our PAC, NSDPAC.

About National Stonewall Democrats. NSD registered with the Federal
Elections Commission in 1997 and incorporated in the District of
Columbia on May 6, 1998.

NSD is devoted to advancing equal rights for all people, regardless of
sexual orientation or gender identity. NSD supports the Democratic
Party and Democratic candidates are support our mission. It draws its
strength from a national network of individuals and democratic clubs
composed on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Democrats who are
working to realize the following goals:

* To educate the public about the differences that exist between
Democratic and Republican parties on issues of concern to our community;
* To lead the Democratic party to improve its record on issues
important to our community, and to work for the nomination of
Democratic candidates who will be fully supportive of our fight
against bigotry and intolerance;
* To organize and engage our community in the support for
candidates who are committed to defeating homophobia and prejudice; and
* To work closely with existing local LGBT democratic efforts and
foster the creation of new democratic clubs nationwide.

About the NSD Executive Director: The Executive Director should be
someone who is passionate about the Democratic Party, wants to improve
the quality of life for LGBT persons through public policy, and
understands and is committed to a grassroots political process. The
Executive Director reports to the National Stonewall Democrats Board
of Directors and oversees program operations with a $350,000 annual
budget. The Executive Director is responsible for strategic planning,
day-to-day program management, fundraising, and community and
political relations.

Qualified candidates will have a vision for the LGBT movement and the
role of the LGBT community in the Democratic Party, and will create
and employ strategies that lead the community and Party towards that
vision. Candidates will be able to effectively represent NSD in
coalitions of LGBT leadership, and represent the LGBT community in
coalitions of progressive organizations. Candidates will have a
passion for organizing at a local level, and a talent for transforming
local organizing into a national strategy to create change.

The four major areas of focus and some sample responsibilities are as

* Support and create effective partnerships with the Democratic
National Committee and key GLBT organizations to coordinate and
enhance our efforts to increase democratic voter turnout for gay
friendly candidates
* Sustain current programs that address unmet needs in the
LGBT community such as the Stonewall Student Network, and create and
implement new programs that effectively organize potential members
* Grow the national network of 100 local clubs and develop
to ensure that national programs reflect the needs of existing local
* Develop relationships with LGBT Democratic club presidents and
create a mechanism for input and participation with NSD activities

Primary responsibility for the fundraising and management of NSD revenue
Develop and implement creative and persuasive fundraising efforts
geared toward major donors, sustaining donors and new members
Oversee and participate in the planning and execution of special
fundraising strategies and events

* Develop and implement a strategy for marketing and publicizing
policies and positions of NSD
* Develop an aggressive press outreach strategy to targeted
press, constituent press and political press venues
* Serve as principle spokesperson and as a media contact for press
community groups
* Oversee administration of online outreach to members and to the
broader LGBT community

* Provide oversight and direction to a 4-6 member team of staff,
consultants, interns
* Recruit and hire new staff as needed, and conduct annual
evaluations and undertake staff management as appropriate
* Serve as principle financial manager for NSD, oversee cash flow
budget, approve expenditures and provide comprehensive financial
reports to the NSD Board
* Assist and facilitate Board meetings, conventions and public

Minimum qualifications are:
* At least 5 years of management and/or organizing experience
* Strong background with Democratic politics and comprehensive
understanding of LGBT issues
* Demonstrated leadership, effective communication skills, and a
commitment to grassroots organizing
* Bachelor's degree

Additional preferred qualifications:
* Strong contacts in the GLBT community
* Experience in public relations and marketing for issue-based
* Proven record in fundraising and resource development
* Experience with national outreach and membership development
* Experience with grassroots organizing and local political
* Experience with non-profit Boards of Directors

SALARY: Commensurate with qualifications and past salary history

APPLICATION PROCESS: Interested candidates should submit a resume,
cover letter, and salary history to:
National Stonewall Democrats
ATTN: Executive Director Search
P.O. Box 9330
Washington, DC 20005

NSD is committed to recruiting and maintaining a diverse staff.
Individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. NSD does
not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion,
gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, marital
status, veteran status, family status or any other basis prohibited by
applicable law.