Friday, December 03, 2004

Honest Wagner & being juiced on Roids puts clouds in the night sky

Honest WagnerA posting from a fellow burgh blogger covers some of the insights about the recent news of steroids in baseball.

Sports are games of time, space and relationship. Poor sports hurt one or all four of those factors. Great sports excel in them.

The relationships one has with yourself (health and wellness if not ambitions), your team, competitors, the game, its history are all to be judged, valued and managed.

We teach kids, and learn for ourselves, many lessons in these games. The big value comes in the transfers of those lessons to life beyond the game.

A star will shine less brightly if juiced on roids. And same too for the overall game. This is like clouds in the sky that are sure to darken the stars.

You gotta think again and get to the roots of what really matters. Then the decisions and judgements we make are based on principled understandings.

These are big society and culture questions. How we treat ourselves and our kids are going to matter. The hindge to prosperity and wellness is values. That talk exceeds money.

I think the talk is important. Keep it flowing. Share it, (all dimensions) with your kids too. We all have a lot to learn in these areas. And make Lyle Alzato part of the early lessons too.

Mark Rauterkus

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