Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Murphy won't run

Our marathon running mayor won't run in either the Pittsburgh Marathon -- cancelled due to a lack of funds -- nor the 2005 mayor's race. He said today, as he signed the 2005 budget, that he won't be running for mayor. Tom Murphy is finishing his third term.

I was wondering about the turnout to his Christmas Party this year. Generally it is a big festive afair on the North Side. Didn't hear a peep about it this season. But, I never get an invite so I might have missed it. Anyone know?

An upsdide to not holding a 2005 marathon is the embarasment avoidance. Lots of injuries, blown knees and ankles sprains are sure to be avoided along the course. The sum of the city's road re-paving budget enables a scant 4-miles of pavement coverage for the duration of 2005. That sad fact is part of the budget the mayor signed today as well.

The city is about to crumble. The capital budget for 2005 stands at $0. Most of the rec centers and swim pools are staying closed.

More people left Pittsburgh while Tom Murphy was mayor than voted for him to continue being our mayor.

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Anonymous said...

Office of the Mayor
Tom Murphy


“I want to announce today, after careful discussions with my family and friends, that I have decided I will not seek election to another term as Mayor. This decision is purely personal.

At the end of this coming year, I will have served twelve years as Mayor. As most of you know, I am a deep believer that public office is a public trust. And that it is the job of elected officials to assess honestly the challenges they confront and to be willing to put everything on the line to get the job done for the public.

More than three years ago I arrived at the conclusion that the tax structure of Pittsburgh was the greatest impediment to the future of this City, of any of the challenges we face. I am enormously proud of how this City came together under very difficult circumstances to create the necessary momentum for change in Harrisburg. The result of our efforts is that next year, for the first time in three generations, all the users of City services will help pay for those services. Equally important, we have put the worst anti-job growth tax in America, the Business Privilege Tax, on the road to extinction.

I intend to work all next year on the challenges of implementing our new tax structure as well as the necessary expenditure reductions and new efficiencies we need; on continuing our City’s development momentum, in our neighborhoods and in Downtown; to expanding our network of riverfront trails and parks; to combating crime in our neighborhoods and to making Pittsburgh a better City in which to live, work and play.

I am deeply grateful to the people of Pittsburgh for having given me the opportunity to serve as Mayor of Pittsburgh, the best job anyone could have in America.”

Tom Murphy, Mayor

# # #
December 21, 2004