Saturday, December 25, 2004

Letters to the sports editor: 12/25/04

Double yoi and merry good cheer to both letters.

Letters to the sports editor: 12/25/04 Pitt needs atmosphere adjustment

The decline of the Pitt football program starts in its own back yard. Pitt needs to get away from Heinz field. The college atmosphere does not exist there and most students have no interest in traveling on a bus or cab to or from a home game. College football is all about students tailgating and giving their team an added advantage of the 12th man. Therefore, recruiting a high school superstar becomes a difficult sale. Find a way to bring football back to Oakland.


Bring back script 'Pitt'

Now that Walt Harris' departure is confirmed, the door has closed on the rebuilding era of former athletic director Steve Peterson. Maybe Pitt can look back to its glorious roots and return something Pitt faithful have missed for a long time (No, not Pitt Stadium): the script 'Pitt' logo on the side of the helmets. It was in place for many years, and it's time for the heritage of Tony Dorsett, Bill Fralic and Dan Marino to return to Pitt's helmets.


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