Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year -- ringing in 2005

Great weather for First Night -- so we go as a family. But, the kids and my sweetheart crack by 8:30 pm. Nuts. Oh well, back to the homestead. We'll have a later night to watch Pitt duke it out with the Utes in 24 hours.

Then James sends out some heavy mentions that I've got to ponder and share here:
The medium IS the message.

Journalism, nowadays, in addition to being largely a mouthpiece for the short-term elite corporate interests of the top 1% income bracket Americans, covers style, techniques and process more than substance. Issues are secondary to the mainstream media. It's hard to distinguish between the rhetoric of the coverage of a football game and almost any of the omnipresent television political "analyst" shows...

...political practices which favor the privileged over the underprivileged, liars over seekers of truth, authoritarian hustlers over those who struggle to help others, the unprincipled over the principled, and the mean-spirited over the kind-hearted. This is the legacy of the politics of deceit. It is a time of deep crisis for democracy and freedom...Vaclav Havel, Jan Patocka, and other Eastern European insurgents brought down their Soviet masters with far fewer resources than we have at our disposal."...

I'm generally quite amazed at what he digs up and sends to his blast list. I've asked him to be a running mate, but, he has his own thing brewing in his own style. Not much time for other techie hurdles. Understood.

The footnote to the above, I think, is The Politics of Deceit: Saving Freedom and Democracy from Extinction by Glenn W. Smith

As we floated around town tonight, we peeked into an ageless room sponsored by the Post-Gazette. Different trade show booths with each decade and places for comments with markers. In the 1990s board my wife wrote, "Got a Ph.D., got married, moved to Pittsburgh, purchased a house, had two kids." She reflected and said, 'that was a busy decade.'

Hope you have a safe time tonight. Let's get excited about 2005. I am now well rested from a nice week filled with naps. Lots to do in the weeks to come.

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