Friday, April 08, 2005

See Stupid Statement #2 -- from another blog

By the way, I was at another board meeting. We're interviewing coaching candidates for a summer swim team. Sorry I was late. Since I had already spoken at two prior meetings, I didn't expect to address the audience.

Jeebas -- Music, Politics, and Other Jounx: "OK onto crazy stupid statement #2, someone said this regarding the PA Senate 42 race when the discussion of whether to endorse Mark Rauterkus (Lib.) or Wayne Fontana (Dem.) came up:

'Mark has a lot a great ideas, but that seat needs to stay Democratic'

It seemed like the point he was trying to get at was to only vote for a third party candidate when a seat is safe for a Democrat. That's about the most un-Democratic thing I have witnessed since PA state legislators filed suit against Ralph Nader petition gatherers in the summer of 2004 to force him off of the PA ballot. People should vote for who they agree with most on issues, not because it might screw up other people's shot. Anyone who discourages people to vote for who they believe in is despicable.

Thanks. Nice recap.


Todd said...

You can vote for who ever you want to but if the republican wins you lose more than if the democrat won. The democrat would be closer ideologically , so if the third party candidate has no chance to win, you should support the candidate closes to your ideals that has atleast a minute chance of winning.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Think again.

If the Republican wins, then you have a guy who was just elected as a Democrat in office, but in a new chamber.

If the one who is a Dem now wins, then you have a guy who is way out of touch ideologically in office.

Throughout the conversation at Dem.for.Pgh I didn't hear a single assertive statement about the specific person running as a Dem in terms of ideological reasoning. Zippo.

Perhaps the next time the Dems run a candidate they will have real issues to stand upon that make some sense.

Finally, the third party candidate has no chance is a fabrication as the polling data is favorable for me. Have you seen any polling data? I predict you won't, unless I tell you. The media won't. The opposition candidates won't either.

You're assumptions in these situations are way off base.

Jeebas said...

Ehh yeah I didn't mean to emphasize you showing up late or whatnot in my original post. I was just trying to recap the night as best as I remembered. I think I'm gonna bring a notepad to the next one.

I believe someone that night brought up the fact that they chose the person based on who they thought would have the political exp. to win the seat. Which is not very smart in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, shadiness for not resigning his council seat aside, I have nothing against Wayne Fontana, I just haven't heard him bring up anything that caught my attention. Well he's coming to Drinking Liberally this Tuesday so we'll see what's up then.

In the long run I don't live in the district, but I just disagree with how some in my party are acting in relation to this race.