Friday, April 08, 2005

Time not ripe for merger -

Nice general article.
Time not ripe for merger - 'Everybody here is saying we're at the crossroads. I'm a mile up the road,' said Peduto, touting his work on City Council to map out feasible consolidations in the city, county and region.

Bill is a mile up the road -- and -- sadly -- he is alone.

To go the next step with this story, consider a bulk of the other candidates at the crossroads. The Peduto is a mile up the road. Meanwhile, I'm out of traffic resting in the park, playing with the kids, talking with the other citizens, kicking a stone.

Peduto is elected. He is up the road, and others are not following. A leader, as he is, needs to guide and lead policy. We're going to go to Bill for leadership and guidance. However, he is riding his ideas into the sunset and they zoomed beyond clear sight.

Bill is okay with consolidation. He would work hard to take the city apart by design.

Meanwhile, Tom Murphy took the city apart by default.

My plan for consolidation goes to the parks for the next step. We need to talk about a NEW PITTSBURGH PARK District. Peduto could come back home, slide over into the parks, and then sound off on what he wants to do with this position paper on the park district concept.

Then he should do something with it -- such as call a meeting, host a post-agenda, introduce a bill for a task force. Do something that elected people do -- beyond running for office.

Start reading the position paper at DSL.CLOH.Org/v1/

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