Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bogged down for Bloggers Touchdown

Sorry I could not make the recent bloggers function.

I asked for a copy of the "minutes" and got this reply... via email ... if you peek at the comments.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

I didn't take notes, and no one blogged live (I was curious whether
anyone would), but I've noticed a few entries so far mentioning the
event. has the most complete entry so far. We had a
fun time -- at least I did -- and there was a lot of interest in the
blog directory that had been the primary goal of the whole thing.

I collected names, emails, and blogs as a start for the directory. It'll
be at -- there are just bare bones there now, but
hopefully we'll have some rudimentary stuff up soon. A primary
requirement is that whatever we create be as automated as possible to
keep management easy. It'll evolve.

I hope to have a blog entry done about it soon, with links and so forth.
It'll be interesting to see what others say too.

I'm sorry you couldn't make it -- several people asked about you. I hope
you can come to the next event.

Have a great weekend,