Thursday, October 28, 2004

City's credit rating dips below a rock, at bottom of river

PG: S&P rates city's credit as 'watch' While supporting the nonbinding plan, Councilman Sala Udin still voiced worry about it, saying defaulting on the pension payment could have 'very serious consequences.


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PittsburghJack said...

Boy -- thay comment just says it all, doesn't it? It's embarrassing to me, as a resident & homeowner in the City of Pittsburgh -- someone with a real stake in it's future -- to have Sala Udin as a representative on the city council. Not only is he self-serving and unaccountable to his bosses (you & I), he doesn't have any real clues as to the situation our city is in, let alone capable of offering constructive ideas to fix the problems. One of the most constructive ideas I can come up with is to remove Udin and others who do nothing more than feed like pigs at the public trough and who fancy themselves as leaders. It's time to elect real leaders with real solutions and who are held accountable for their actions And it's time to ensure that the aforementioned pigs do not occupy the mayor's office after next year's elections.