Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Dismal Democrats

PG Letter to editor Wake up, Cleveland and, for that matter, Pittsburgh too. This political philosophy has seen its day. If you don't take this opportunity to change, by supporting a Republican administration, then you are destined to more poverty while the rest of the country prospers.

The gentleman from Moon, Benjamin Bonham, is on the mark that we can't have one-party domination.

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Anonymous said...

This comment demonstrates the ignorance of the common American. The fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats is the Republican's sense of entitlement. If your poor, or even middle class, you must be lazy or stupid or both. They will not share their money in any way with the down-and-out. My money is mine, and screw the other guy. You may feel overtaxed, but that's because Republican Administrations typically foist the burden of taxation onto the middle class, protecting the rich, who blame the less advantaged for their own poverty. And for some reason, possibly fear of the specter of terrorism also propagated by this crooked administration, Bush appeals to some of the very people he is screwing...Working class, Christian-Right Joe-Schmo. Be careful what you pray for. You just might get it.....