Thursday, October 28, 2004

The curse of one party rule is next

Reverse-the-curse Boston had its woes vanquished with the 2004 World Series. Poof.
Thanks to Dave's dad. See his blog post from Oct. 27.
Pittsburgh has its woes too, from nearly the same era. Our problem is one-party rule. The trend is starting. Pittsburgh, too, can vanquish its prime hang-up.
Who else among us are here to make history, and not be a slave of it.
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Adam said...

Democracy is a joke in this town, as it is in many towns. It died at the hands of partisanism, where people choose to identify with one party, and stick with that party at all levels of government-- a person who identifies with the Democratic party on the national level also does so for state and local level, leading to one-party rule at the smaller levels. It's a rather disturbing mentality--viewing parties as natural entities, like nations, rather than coalitions designed to win elections.

It's also disturbing how the state encourages this mentality by encouraging us to register with a party, which we have to work within at all levels of government. George Washington warned against partisanship, our modern would-be dictators embrace it.