Saturday, October 30, 2004

Wishing for Gov and PCTV 21 coverage

Rob Owens, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - A & E - TV/Radio, I really wish you'd look into the story unfolding about the RFP for the city cable television breau.

I had called Penn State University and tried to coax them into putting a proposal together for the RFP. They considered it at many levels. However, when they got their techie invovled, as they should, a tour request was made and denied by the city. The PSU folks asked to see the TV facilities and equipment. They missed the one tour date as the RFP was hardly visible.

The worse part, the city said it would be showing "favortism" if they gave a tour to a possible RFP participant. Get out!

When you are going down the tubes -- anyone who comes to save you is welcomed.

Dale, Rodney, Tom.... Thanks for proving again just how well you don't play with others.

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