Friday, October 08, 2004

Should we go or should we stay?

We'll be staying in the city. That isn't the question we face. Some have been bailing on their city homes, i.e., John Pierce and Jim Roddey.

This weekend we're pondering a trip to China, again. Last year the whole family went to China for five weeks, mostly in the southwestern city, Chengdu. Catherine, my wife, has been invited back to teach a more advanced course.

So, should we go, again, or should we stay?

As we go, we'll be able to skip over the tourist places in Beijing. And, perhaps we'd stop off in Thailand were there are only three seasons: hot, hotter and hottest. And, we'd not need to be gone for five weeks. But, I'd expect it would be four.

I've not even gotten all the photos from the last trip organized and online.

Advice welcomed. And, the trip to New Zealand isn't going to happen this year. So, that's not a factor.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Cracks about my wife and kids getting round-trip tickets and me going one way are so noted. More of the same just shows a weakness in creativity. New jokes, less brutal ones too, are welcomed.