Friday, October 08, 2004

Want to help, get on line

Two guys of different generations and parts of the city came to me recently and asked about helping with the mayor's race in 2005. Simply put, get on line. Send me an email. The to-do lists and everything else for now is brewing on line. To be effective, we'll need to be efficient and utlize the web. No way around the net. So, plug in the computer. That's where the help is going to start. We'll have little time for phone conversations, personal hand-holding and the like. We'll need help, but it can't be an anchor either.
November Computer Learning Schedule for Goodwill is taking registration:

Mondays: Computer Basics from 3-5pm - No Cost!
Tuesdays: Internet Explorer from 1-3pm - $30
Tuesdays: Intermediate Excel from 3-5pm - $50
Wednesdays: Intro to Word from 1-3pm - $50
Wednesdays: Intro to PowerPoint from 3-5pm - $50
Tue and Wed Evenings: Intro to Excel from 5:30 to 7:30pm - $50

As always, job seekers pay half price for any workshop.

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