Saturday, October 16, 2004

Say mate, and "Momma Spell" -- get well soon

It's not fun once your wheels go. Note and fan mail in comments.

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It's been a while since I've written, mainly because of the accident Mama Spell had has rendered her unable to perform. Late one night a couple of weeks ago, she tripped down the stairs in her Pittsburgh "Middaye Estate" home and broke her left leg in three places.

She had to cancel her appearance at the SALVO show on October 2 because of this, and on Monday, October 4, Mama Spell's doctor performed surgery on her leg. He cleaned up the damage and put three pins in where the breaks were. Then he stitched her leg shut, put it in a temporary cast and then hooked Mama Spell up with a morphine drip for 2 days.

Two glorious days.

She's been home since Wednesday, Oct. 6, recovering while donning a variety of leisure wear that coordinates with her "winter-white" cast (her doctor had the good sense not to fit her with a regular white cast as it is after Labor Day).

So Mama Spell is doing fine and is resting at home, but it's difficult for her to get around town. Fortunately she has been able to work on paintings on paper from bed (how Frida!) in preparation for her upcoming visual art show opening at the Red Room in Pittsburgh on November 3rd. She should be well enough to make an appearance at this reception, so we hope you can be there as well.

Ok, then. Hope to see you soon -- with my hooves!

Fulfilling my basic press agent duties, I am, Press Agent Pony


Opening reception of

Touch Me On The Inside
New Paintings by Sharon "Mama" Spell
Red Room Cafe and Lounge
134 South Highland Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
6-9 pm
November 3 - January 2
Phone: 412-362-5800
Fax: 412-362-1536

also showing at the Red Room during this time: mosaic and fiber art by Stevo Sadvary


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