Saturday, October 16, 2004

Spotlight on Jack Wagner

Observer-Reporter: "If elected auditor general, Democrat Jack Wagner says an analysis of the state's economic stimulus programs will be among his first projects.

Jack is a State Senator who should be able to champion a analysis of the state's economic stimulus programs. He didn't. He should have. He is waiting until he gets his next job. He is all "indie" but what does he have to say now about these spending plans.

Let me sum it up:Jack has said little or nothing.

Gov Ed Rendell is spending a lot of money. Jack's been doing too little and too late. Leaders do their best from the positions they hold. Leaders can aspire to other positions, but that is no excuse for a lack of action now.

I have asked for Jack Wagner's help on matters about Pittsburgh, as he is my state senator. But he is always too busy running for an office other than the one he is holding now. He ran for 'Lt. Gov.' He runs now for Auditor General. But he can't come to grips with being a State Senator so as to help the citizens now. Run. But run and chew gum at the same time. Do both.

I want it all. I want Jack to run for another office. And, I want Jack to do the heavy lifting for the office he is in now too.

Being a watchdog as in the role of being auditor general is hard work. Jack is going to have good perspectives as he's been around the state. But, his watching and barking and actions are in a slumber. His yard sign placement skills are sharp, no doubt. But so what.

Tell me, what does Jack Wagner say about Pittsburgh's conditions? What does he say about a merger of Citiparks and County Parks & Rec into a new Park District? Would Jack support the liquidation of the Park Authority -- or -- was he here when it was created?

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