Monday, October 11, 2004

Newsgroups and Blogs

In the past, I had periods as an active participant in various newsgroups. In recent seasons, I've not been there at all. But since the Olympics, via a new service, "" I gave them a peek again.

Presently, I can't seem to post. Techie issues elsewhere. Time to take plenty of fluids and check again in the morning.

The newsgroups are more vile than the blogs. Flamewars, ... those were the days. And, they still seem to occur.

Over at Pgh.General it is nice to see that one reader would think I'd win the mayor's race, even spending $1 per voter. That's just $20 K to $30 K.

Are there others here that lurk or post in newsgroups still? Are the audiences split? Did bloggers cut their teeth in the newsgroup realm? What are your favorites?

1 comment:

Mark Rauterkus said...

The exact quote from the newsgroup, Pgh.General, on 10-10-2004: -- snip starts:

At this time - *I* think that if you (speaking of Mark Rauterkus) were to run (especially if you can get (the small) republican backing

I think that you could easily win -- without spending more than maybe $1/vote. Basically enough to let the electorate know you were running.

I do not know of *anyone* who would vote smurphy back into office.