Friday, October 15, 2004

email blast for 412-Public-Remarks

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My email contact list is at 8,270. I don't want to "pester" but do want to stay in touch. And, mostly, my announces are invites. The link above shows illustrates the other types of blasts I've sent in the past.


Mark Rauterkus said...

> Who are you and why are you spamming me?

I'm a guy who lives in Pittsburgh and ran for Mayor in 2001. I might do it
again in 2005 too. I care about our public life and our communities.

I invited you to a free event with a great singer. We'll hold it at our
church and have short talks in prep for Nov. 2nd election.

I've got a blog that you can read to get more insights into how I think and
what I work upon. Same too for my web site.

I'd like you to not consider an invite to a no-charge political / musical
event as 'spam' as I'm not selling.

Thanks for asking.

Mark Rauterkus said...

It has been brought to my attention that you seem to be harvesting email addresses ... and subscribing people to your list without their permission. If this is the case, which I really hope it's not, you should be aware that not only is this just bad netiquette and really annoying, it's illegal. If you've been doing this, I'd recommend you stop it immediately.

- - - end snip - - - -

I'll take your comments under advice. I don't mean to be quick nor snippy but I'm swimming upstream for the next couple of hours if not days. If you want to meet and talk about what I have to say about this, that would be fine. As you know, I'm online in many capacities including newsgroups to blogs to web sites, etc. I have a fairly strong grip as to what's legal. And, for the annoying part, my invites always have an opt-out method, my cell phone number, and I gladly hold hands to scrub contacts off of lists at the drop of a hat.

How many are on your list these days?

Going door-to-door is annoying too. Same too for having your friends move out of town or seeing your property tax rise by 34% and having your rec center and swim pool close.

Some of the annoyances I cause in the public spaces are really felt by Tom Murphy. Genarally, free speech can be a big pain in the rear end.

Keep up the good work on your end. Too bad the event I'm co hosting on Thursday, Oct 21, 7 pm at the UU Church of the South Hills,, didn't get posted in your catalog. I'll do that next.

Gotta run.

BTW, FYI, my list (being migrated to another server as I type) is at more than 8,100. My last invite / blast saw less than five ask to be removed.

If you'd like to hear two songs from the singer/performer, ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it appears you are a really good advocate for the community. Thanks for all you do, I am a veteran and appreciate when I see people doing good things in the community that veterans have helped protect over the years.